Cavatina Software AS

Quality software development, translation and language services.
Based in Rogaland, Norway and Roskilde, Denmark.


Kristian Berge Nessa

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I like learning new things and solving impossible puzzles, which is why I am still enjoying the art of programming after 20 years in the business. I believe in finding elegant and simple solutions to complex problems.
I primarily work on the system backend, although I have gained experience in a diverse range of technologies and platforms throughout the years.

Likes: C++, Python, Git, Common Lisp, GNU/Linux


Signe Ulrik Klausen

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Having worked nearly fifteen years in HR and management, communication, both vertically and horizontally, is my core competence. I take pride in carefully considering every level in a communication, and applying myself equally to all tasks. I produce texts, translate from English and Norwegian into Danish, and am currently gaining experience with subtitling.

Likes: Exploring the dusty corners, winding paths and profound depths of languages.


Company Data

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Address Cavatina Software AS
Kindingstadvegen 29
4160 Finn√ły